Sunday, February 4, 2007

The shrinking troll

Here at Casa DW we are in the process of losing about a fat third grader. The current method is cutting carbs, and starches. Eat lots of roughage, and protein, drink lots of fluids, and reduce salt. The most common error by the reducing public is not eating often enough. If you spend time hungry, your body goes into starvation mode, the metabolism drops, and calorie burning falls off. Three meals and two snacks are about right.

The first time I packed my lunch on this plan, I called the love of my life and said, “I’m f**king up, I got too much food. I’m here to tell you it was a load, I ran down the list and she said it was OK. Most of the time, I don’t have time to eat that much.

The problem with such a plan is the loss of flavor. If you can’t cook with bacon, it just don’t taste right.

If you like vinegar and oil you are ahead of the game. If, like me, you prefer things with a little more body, we have a problem.

Large trolls like myself are allowed three each of; starches, proteins, veggies. You get two snacks and two dairy. A large salad and condiments are free, within reason. There is a limit on eggs, which are mostly fat. Nine a week or just eat eggbeater type things, all you care for.

The first three days and some days in between are protein days. That would be all the steak or chicken you would care for, keeps the fires burning.

Although it sounds easy, it can get a little bland. That’s when we spice things up. The idea is not original, but a mayo off the shelf mixed with your favorite hot sauce will give a sandwich or egg a college education. Blue cheese dressing with the same treatment will make a burger special. Let your imagination run with it.

We grill lots of skinless chicken breasts with salt free seasonings, five or six pounds at a time, and have them ready to dice up for salads. Throw in a handful of marinated peppers, some raw veggies, and you have a meal in a bowl.

Bon Appitite!

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