Thursday, January 18, 2007

Being Thankful,,, and showing it.

If anyone noticed my age they will know I am a Vietnam era vet. I am not a veteran of the Vietnam War, I enlisted at the end of the Vietnam era. No 'wannabes here. Never the less, I served with lot's of career vets and endured a lot of the attitude reserved for "baby killers", I am glad no one was stupid enough to use that term to my face. I could still see it in peoples expressions. Funny thing about that, when you are 195 lbs with a 24 inch waist loud mouths tend to hold their comments.

My dad was a WWII vet who landed with the fifth wave at Normandy, my uncle Franklin died in Korea, my uncle Ralph was in the Pacific theater. I consider that to be a family history to be proud of. That being said I have a vague idea of what the current military is sacrificing to serve our country and preserve our liberty. We, I and everyone I know, are profoundly grateful to those brave service men and women.

I have resolved to show my gratitude to those wonderful people when ever I can. When the opportunity presents it's self, I will shake their hand an say it to their face "Thank You!" So far all have thanked me for noticing.

Shortly before the New Year the love of my life and I were at a local provider to gather some snooty snacks (caviar, pate, crackers and Champagne) for the celebration. While wandering around the store I saw a couple. She was small and cute as a puppy with a wet nose, he was a long way from small and had the haircut and carriage that said "Marine". They were behind us at the check out, so I turned around and asked him, "Marine?" Yes Sir, was the answer. Do you drink Champagne? " Yes sir, again. I told the cashier to wait a second, walked to a display and snagged a bottle of passable bubbly, paid for it, handed it to the Marine, and told him thank you and have a Happy New Year. I hope he enjoyed getting the gift as much as I enjoyed giving it. I could tell the thanks meant something.

My invitation to all is shake a hand and give a personal thanks to all who risk all so that we may be free.

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