Saturday, January 6, 2007

More things to think about

Leaders are in the front, directors are in the rear. Directors don't do well in combat.

Nothing focuses the attention like a near miss.

The barbarians always win, civilization could win, they just lack the will. The barbarians are persistent.

If I perceive a problem, it is not automatically my fault, nor even my responsibility to fix it. That falls to the person who caused the problem.

Never let other people decide how you will feel.

No one can "make a fool of you", unfortunately we can do that with no help at all, some of us are just talented that way.

Your job is not a "right", you have to work for it regularly.

Never own a pet that is smarter than you.

Who is on exhibition at the zoo, depends on which side of the bars you're on.

In the end you are only protein.

When you step out of the town limits you are no longer the top of the food chain.

If you can't see their eyes, they're just targets.

Don't waste your breath telling someone they're a liar, they already know.

The climb to success is long and difficult, the return trip is shockingly quick and easy.

Love might bring people to together, but if you really want to get people behind a cause, give them somebody to hate.

The only thing you get from sitting on the fence is possibly some splinters.

The reason Dad's are so suspicious of boys around their girls, is we remember what we were up to when we were boys.

You don't see many fat old rebels, what you see are a lot of skinny people trying to take a short cut to the top.

It's hard to get motivated to change the world when your stomach and bank account are full.

The people with the most guns or money make the rules.

The most common answer to the question "what was he thinking?" is of course, nothing.

Never lend anything that you need back.

Never tell someone to "treat this like it's yours" 'cause if he was going to treat it right the dirt bag would have his own. Tell them "Treat this like it's mine and I want it back!"

All the above are original to the best of my knowledge, prease don't use without giving credit.

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