Saturday, January 6, 2007

Where I stand on Iraq

I have listened to the debate about the “price of victory” in Iraq, and I believe this focus is basically wrong. America considered the price of victory in Somalia, and with drew because of the loss of eighteen lives. As a direct result of this action by a cowardly President, the Islamic radicals of the region decided the U.S. was a paper tiger. Thousands of lives were lost, in New York, and in Afghanistan. The price of victory against terrorists will be high; the price of surrender will be nothing less than the loss of our way of life. There are millions of common men who have faith in God and trust in their religious leaders and believe those leaders are teaching the word of God. The teachers are spouting the propaganda that will bring them power and recognition. That propaganda insists that we as a nation are the enemy of their beliefs and their way of life.
I believe the terrorist who claims a high principal is a liar. The goal of powerful men is more power, the life of a terrorist is built on the most basic power. The power to cause fear and hatred and escape the consequences of his actions. His life and in some cases wealth are built around the conflict. If the conflict is resolved then how will the terrorist live and gain in power.
The common man in the street is not our enemy, the power hungry barbarians who would destroy the world are the enemy.
The Sheik, or Caliph is a autocratic ruler, therefore no elections and no accountability to the people. Mulla Omar’s cattle lived better than the common man in his country. The law is from the time of Suliman the Lawgiver of the 1400’s, and allows for beheading, dismemberment and disfigurement. Recently a local council in Afghanistan directed the rape of a woman who consorted outside the tribe. They have no welfare, no public charity, don’t work; don’t eat. Women in a strict Islamist world are chattel. No vote, no education, no rights, no freedom. The height of fashion is a garment that allows only the eyes to be seen. If any other skin is seen any man may beat her as punishment. They may only go out when escorted by a male relative. A man may have more than one wife, and as many mistresses as he cares for. He may, if I am correct, repudiate a wife at any time for any reason. The women of this country should be rioting to be sure no effort is spared to confront this menace

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