Saturday, January 6, 2007

Why Dragonwatch?

I like the idea of Dragons, powerful intelligent creatures, capable of magic, immortal and wise. If I were a dragon, I would probably be a Brass Dragon, too talkative, and not so smart as I think. If a dragon were to allow you to be in charge, not likely, could you picture walking it every day?
Not much to look at, but a sure thing in a dog fight.
The Dragons we watch are not the creatures of myth, they are the things that seek to destroy us daily; racism, hate, fear, greed, evil men, and most dangerous of all, apathy. We never seen to grasp that there is evil in the world, people that will destroy your life for little or no reason. I know some of those. If we don't watch and be ready to do, each of us, our little part, the evil will win.
I am a grandfather, the proud spoiler of four great little sprites. I would take it personally indeed if evil people were to harm any of them. Though I am law abiding, I am not all that nice, or forgiving. I hope I am part of the cure, not the disease.


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