Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Love of My Life

I think of my wife as the greatest love of my life all the time. Simply because she is, and always will be.

She is vertically challenged, blond, with the most pleasing curves and cushions. She is meticulous in her dress, make up, and hair. She has a girly love of shoes and jewelry. I think there has to be some bird in her 'cause she is mesmerized by shiny stuff.

She can be hard as steel and cold as ice when she has her back up, but normally she is so sweet sugar won't melt in her mouth. I think sometimes I could eat her with a spoon.

She is a little more cautious than me in most things. A little less cautious with money than me. She can cook, but allows me to prepare anything I want, almost. She has soft hands with steel in her grip. I think a foot rub does things for her that I won't go into here.
She is a city/beach girl, who is way too cute to be married to a mountain troll like me. She is Mimi to the grand babies and of course Mom to the kids. She can be more than a little stubborn, I don't have a stubborn bone in me of course. *sniff*

She is an enigma surrounded by a puzzle. She has a light trigger and a clean break. She is charming, but can quick freeze with a word and one eyebrow can change your life without changing her tone.
If I tell her "don't do that", consider it done.

We're working on that.

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