Saturday, January 6, 2007

No answer from the congress critters

To My representatives,
Good morning, I would like to impose on your time to let you know where I, and many of my peers, stand on issues important to us.

First- unequivocal support of the liberation of the Iraqi people.

Second- unqualified support for the tax cuts recently allowed. Tax cuts were the brain child of John Kennedy (D-Mass) and have historically resulted in greater tax revenues, not smaller.

Third-The enforcement of current laws regarding gun ownership, and enforcement of laws that put violent criminals in jail. The Second Amendment to our Constitution is unambiguous. The unslanted statistics show an armed public is safer. I have had to protect my self and my family three times in my life, and would have failed had I not been armed. I was never the aggressor, neither did I have to shoot the assailant, they knew what would happen if they continued.

Fourth- we believe in personal responsibility, for our families, communities, our jobs. No one gave me my job, I worked for it. My job is not a right, I work for it every day. I expect if I do not perform to the standards set for me by my employer I will be required to make other arrangements. Personal responsibility carries through in our lives, if we make bad choices, consequences flow from those choices. Those consequences are mine I worked for them and I expect them to be delivered. Currently none are pending. People in general have the power in this country to be what ever they want to be, what they become is the product of those choices.

Fifth- Our Constitution is a complete, unambiguous, document. There is no clause or intent that would allow a casual abortion, or any abortion. I am a firm believer in a woman’s right to choose. Any woman can choose not to have sex, or use contraception, or adopt behaviors that do not place her at risk for rape. In the event of pregnancy as a result of criminal behavior, why punish the child who was the issue worse than the perpetrator. There are a surprising number of families who adopt on the other side of the world, maybe they would adopt at home if babies were available.

Sixth- our laws are not guidelines, they mean what they say, not what some special interest group would like them to say. Our laws apply to every one. No exceptions, this includes illegal aliens. If some person or group would care to come here to live with in the law, and assimilate our way of life and language, then welcome. However they are coming to us, not the other way around. We owe them nothing, they get to work just the same as the rest of us. Those who just expect to waltz in and not play by the rules should be invited to reside elsewhere, firmly. Abiding by the rules should begin at the start of their journey, not some unspecified stopover in the distant future, or when caught. Education or need is not an excuse, the rules are simple enough.

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