Saturday, January 6, 2007

Still more things to think about

Some folks act like speed laws and traffic rules are just annoying suggestions.

It's a bad idea to pick a fight with something that can, and will, kill you.

Given a choice, remain anonymous to authority.

If lawyers are arguing over your fate, you lose, no matter which one is on your side.

The surest way to avoid learning is to act like you already know.

Life is complicated, things happen, random disasters are just that, random.

No matter what it feels like, most people don't hate you, they don't even know you're alive.

If a man says he understands women, watch him, he'll lie about other stuff too!

If a woman loves you for who you are, fine, that will last until she gets her list of things to change complete.

If you shouldn't be acutely aware of your body parts.

Why do practical jokers never find it quite as funny when the joke is on them.

You can often tell who you love the most by how easily and badly they can hurt you.

Most women don't dress for men, they are in competition with every other woman on the planet.

I've never met a woman who was happy with her hair, figure, shoes, or anything in between.

Be careful what you wish for, it might get you.

Faith in another requires their consistent efforts. Trust in another requires transparency in actions.

Sometimes the hardest work goes unrecognized.

As before, please give credit where needed.

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