Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just when you think no one is looking, Someone is looking

As a lesson to all the young and over confident, let me relate the following cautionary tale. The story starts a long way back in my history, about thirty four years ago. I was about to be married for the first time, and a couple of my "buddies" wanted to party one last time before the big day. On this Friday night we jumped in the hot rod of choice, and drove to the Queen City of the South, there being a larger collection of places to get foolish than in our section of the sticks. Boy! Howdy! I have been around the block a time or two since then and still couldn't find a better place to go stupid by the numbers.

The helpful twosome who carted me off were the kind of friends that give your mom gray hair and high blood pressure. When we went out around home, these clowns would buy a half gallon of whiskey, open it and throw the top away. There are way too many nights that are a blur, with only a few flickering pictures. There was that girl in the pool room wearing not enough to be called demure, sitting on the edge of the pool table within pinching distance. Before you make any hasty judgment, no I did not touch her, else she probably would have killed me with a pool cue. I did think about it, and I still remember after all this time.

Needless to say we had quite the time. I wasn't allowed to spend any money so the beer flowed freely. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to how many, I just didn't want to run out. We all know that when you drink beer, very soon you have to dispose of the processed liquid. The facilities were arranged to accommodate a crowd, that is there was a long wall with twenty seven or so stand up fixtures, one sink and one sit down fixture. Everything was in use except the sink and sit down fixture. The wait is about to come to an end one way or the other, not wanting to wee in my pants, I have to go now. One of my guys started for the stand up, you guessed it I got the sink. Trust me no was going to wash his hands in there, so here we go, and as I go, the guy at the stand up starts to squall. His leg is getting wet, someone has removed the j trap and I am weeing down his leg. Big laughs all around by the twenty six not in our party.

Fast forward seven years. I am in the men's room of the training building at Stump Water Nuclear Power Station. The facilities are fully occupied, thinking nothing about it, I make the off the cuff remark about using the sink. From behind me a voice says "I thought I had seen you before.", and proceeds to tell me the time and place, and the name of the bar.

Always remember, when the IQ pionts melt away and you are about to commit a basic error in judgement, just when you think no one is looking, someone is looking.

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