Saturday, January 6, 2007

Some Things to think about.

It's a great day if you wake up, if you get over that little hump, every thing else is icing on the cake.

Money won't make you happy, poverty is not a virtue, life is what you make it

If I can make it through the day unpublished (no error entered in the public record) I have succeeded.

God takes care of fools and little children, I don't know which title I fall under, but I'm grateful none the less.

Love easily, cry easily, feel deeply, hate slowly, work hard, do right, and if another finds fault with you, you are not the one with the problem.

In vino veritas, may be true, but wisdom is found elsewhere.

Don't make decisions when you are very tired, or very angry, better yet don't speak.

If you want justice ask God or your mother, better ask your mother, if you ask God you might get justice, but you won't like it.

Reside on the moral high ground, the rent is exorbitant, but the comfort is priceless.

If philosophy is the art of wondering, then certainty is the wisdom of fools.

No one can make you any of those wonderful things in the Boy Scout creed, or take them away from you; it's really all in your hands.

The arrogant are convinced of their ability, the rest of us would like to see the proof.

Lies are like cockroaches, they keep coming back, and they multiply.

The most common way to trip is to raise your foot and stick it in your mouth.

God knows. Perhaps the rest of us should shut up and listen.

If I should live to be a thousand years old (I think it unlikely) I will still be making mistakes.

Ignorance is cured by education, stupidity is a choice.

Life presents us with choices, from choices flow consequences, good or bad, you earned it, accept it and be proud of it.

Courage is what happens when you keep doing what you know is right, even though everyone is telling you to take the easy way.

If you make it hard to tell the truth, you encourage lies.

A happy man can't be tempted.

Being tempted is not a sin, wallowing in temptation can certainly lead to sin, particularly if you enjoy it too much.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence; however, there are usually some poison ivy and sand spurs in there too.

Pray for the best; expect the worst, cuts down on surprises.

Don't bargain with God, he will keep his end, you'll wish you did.

If you use your faith like a spare tire, only remember, sometimes the spare is flat too.

What goes around comes around, and then everyone piles on.

If you step on fingers going up the ladder to success, those hands will be too sore to catch you on the way down.

If everyone assumes, then no one really knows.

When you find that your mouth has dug you a hole, stop digging and put the shovel down.

Not everything is funny to everyone, be sure the other guy gets the joke.

Laughter may be the best medicine; personally, I would prefer a doctor who takes my illness a little more seriously.

A good carpenter will measure twice and cut once, a smart man will think twice and maybe not speak at all.

Be sure you know the question before you give your answer.

All the above are original to the best of my knowledge. Please don't use them with out credit.

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