Sunday, January 14, 2007

Comet McNaught

The love of my life and I got up at O dark thirty the last two days, to see the best comet for the next thirty years. It is low on the horizion, due east in the morning, and due west in the evening, the only star with a tail.
First I go out and check the stars to see if they are clear, then we get dressed, make the coffee, and then drive to the beach where there aren't so many lights. If you stand on the dunes you can see the sky where it meets the water. You get to see a really nice sunrise, and the ocean is as flat as a lake these last two days. You can stand and watch the boats heading out for Blue Fin Tuna. When you are done then hop over to the local grill for breaking of the fast. Then off to the all night grocery store ahead of the crowd.
Did you notice, I didn't mention how impressive and beautiful the comet was? Thats 'cause we are in the middle of a hole in the clouds, I haven't seen the comet yet due to a bank of low clouds just off the beach. When I check the sky, I can't see the clouds because they are below the trees.


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