Monday, January 29, 2007

Expensive toys

About fifteen months ago the love of my life caught the biggest fish of her life. It was the maximum length allowed for a Red Drum, and you would have thought it was going to drag her tiny butt in the ocean. She got her picture in the local fishing paper and everything. On the way home I stopped to buy some fishing stuff, and found a replica that matched her fish, we now have it on the wall. We filleted it and blackened it for dinner, I thought the woman was gonna need a cigarette when she was done.
A little later I engaged in a risky behavior, I started thinking. I conceived the, not too original, idea of getting her hooked into something really big. I have played big fish until my arms were limp and had to hand them over to the crew. I have also seen folks get an unexpected hit while bottom fishing and almost go over the side. I plan to tie her and the rod to the boat so as not to lose either. I don't know why it appeals to me, but I want to see the look on her face when she drags something big and toothy into the boat. I am thinking King mackerel, or Cobia. She can't bottom fish because she heaves when you stop moving, so trolling may work. We'll see.

The end result of the thinking was to buy a boat. I am now the sometimes proud owner of a center console fishing boat. GPS, fish finder, VHF radio, maps, more fishing rods and tackle. I love gadgets, the GPS is way cool, and the fish finder is great. Looking forward to the fresh protein this summer, see you there.

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