Sunday, January 14, 2007

Democratic Dragons (Probably Green)

I listened to the lame stream news today, stupid I know, but one must know the enemy to defeat him/her. The constant stream of blather from the Dems. is maddening or funny depending on how seriously you take the junk. They are manning the ramparts (?) against anything that might improve conditions in Iraq. All of us have heard the party of the seriously incompetent argue on both sides of every fence until our heads are ringing. When will they bring something to the discussion other than negative input and lies. I will not bore anyone with repeats of the Dems. various reversals. Most of them are separated by a few years and are mostly snotty whinings for media sound bytes.

We all know this. So, what is the point?

The point is they know it too, and they know the damage done by divisive, treasonous, back biting. Every defeat rendered to the US Military has been delivered by to them by politicians saying whatever it takes to appeal to radical fringes. For as long as I can remember, the interference in fighting a war, by politicians, has resulted in defeat. Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Barak Whatsisname, Hillary Clinton, who died and made them generals? When I was in the military, people of Kerry's rank opened doors for career soldiers, not pontificate about how to win a war. Please remember Barak Whosit is a FRESHMAN congress dope. Where does he get off trying to sound like he knows anything. I just won't get started on the Dems. leading socialist, she has a bigger set than her hubby, but what does she know about anything having to do with guns, bombs, or diplomacy?

Why are they evil dragons?

They have the power to do good or evil. It's a choice we all make, the more power we have, the greater responsibility comes with it's use. This lot has chosen to use their power to further their personal goals, inflate their egos, and line their pockets. What they risk is nothing less than our, that's yours and my, way of life and freedom. The enemy we face has proven for literally hundreds of years how we will be treated. These saps just don't get the picture, they are just as vulnerable as we are, for their money and power will make them a target more than anything else.

These three and all like them who would sacrifice our freedom to be reelected are evil and should be shunned and cast down by all good men and women.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. (for now)

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Ambulance Driver said...

Hey DW, thanks for the kind words!

Nice blog you have here, by the way. I'll be a frequent visitor here in the future.